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  1. Although I just arrived in Tokushima this morning (and will be leaving tomorrow evening) I’ve seen a lot of posters advertising an LED festival of some sort. Out my window I can see an interesting christmas tree-esque decoration in front of SOGO and there is a questionaire regarding the festival in my hotel room. Oddly enough, there isn’t any information that comes along with the questionnaire.

    Does anyone know anything about what’s going on?

  2. There is an LED event in town at the moment around the Shinmachi River area. I’ll get some information up about it right now.

  3. A Japanese friend of mine is interested in becoming more involved with the international community in Tokushima. She speaks both English and Japanese fluently and has a lot of English language teaching experience. She is just wondering what is available for her in terms of volunteer work within the prefecture. She lives in Anan, so traveling to and from Tokushima city isn’t much of a problem.

    Let me know what you think!

  4. Hiroki, sorry for the late reply. If your friend is interested in volunteering with international activities then she could try contacting TOPIA and the other international exchange organisations in the prefecture. There is one in Anan as well. TOPIA has a volunteer database, and I am sure the other organisations have events and projects that need help as well.

    Also, she could try contacting HEART Tokushima. HEART is an animal rescue organisation run by a Canadian woman that has offices in Tokushima City and Komatsushima, and they are always in need of help.

  5. Thanks! I’ll relay this information to my friend!

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