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California Table

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The front of California Table as you come in from the parking area.

The front of California Table as you come in from the parking area.

Naruto-shi Seto-cho Ooshimada Aza Nakayama 1-1


* Lunch – 11:00-14:30
* Cafe Time – 14:30 – 17:00
* Dinner – 17:00- LO 21:00 (Fridays and weekends only)

A classy restaurant and cafe with a stunning view over the Seto Inland Sea.

If you have ever wondered exactly how far you’d have to go to find a restaurant making good use of the beautiful scenery Tokushima has to offer, look no further. California Table in Naruto City is a fantastic place with good food, a good view, good service, and good everything else.

As its name might suggest, the main fare of California Table is western style food. The menu has a wide range of common items such as steak, salads, a cheeseburger, pizza, pasta and other items, but they are served with both flair and volume. The prices might be a little off-putting for those looking for a casual lunch, but once the food arrives you won’t be left wondering where your money went.

One of the main attractions on the menu - the cheeseburger and side of chips.

One of the main attractions on the menu - the cheeseburger and side of chips.

  • Cheeseburger – 1,600 yen
  • Herb Rotisserie Chicken – 1,600 yen
  • Grilled Beef Steak – 2,300 yen
  • Caesar Salad – 950 yen
  • All cakes – 600 yen

A variety of drinks, including coffee, fresh juice, wine and more are also available.

Just a small part of the view from the deck area.

Just a small part of the view from the deck area.

Store Interior
One of the main attractions to California Table is the view. The restaurant stands on top of the mountainous ridges by the Seto Inland Sea, and provides a view out over the surrounding area and the bridge from Naruto to Awaji Island. There is an interior seating area and a deck, both very classy, and the view leaves nothing to be desired.

If you’re looking for a place to take that someone special, this is it.


The Dochu Earth Pillars

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The earth pillars in all their glory.

The earth pillars in all their glory.

Travelling a little ways inland, one can find one of the most easily recognisable landmarks in Tokushima Prefecture – the natural earth pillars of Dochu. Much like the Naruto Whirlpools, these earth pillars are rated as a top world-wide natural feature. They rank alongside the sand pillars found in the Rockies in Wyoming, USA, and in the Tyrol region of Italy as one of the top earth pillars, and formed over 200 million years! While they make for a wonderful sight during the daytime, the evening light can shed a different light onto them, and during night they are illuminated from the bottom, making for a truly spectacular sight.

What to do There: The earth pillars are a good area for sightseeing,  although not for much else, but there are a number of good ways to soak in the sights.

First of all – viewing. There are a number of ways to see the pillars themselves, including from a viewing platform at the bottom to climbing all the way to the top. Perhaps the easiest way is to go around to the front of them as in the picture above and follow the trails there. All trails are clearly marked, and you need only walk a short distance to reach a platform with a fine view of the formation. From here you not only have a good view of the pillars at day or at night, but you can also see out into the surrounding area.

Secondly, you can climb to the top of the pillars by several marked trails from the main parking area. While the track is fairly short, the climb is fairly steep, so if you are going out in hot weather it may be handy to have a bottle
of water with you.

At the top, however, the view of the surrounding area is excellent and well worth the climb. It also makes for a great photographic opportunity, but remember to be careful, however, as there are no supports or rails along
the top.

What Else
In addition to viewing the pillars there is also a large outdoors play area for children with jungle gyms and slides. You can also sample tarai udon, a regional speciality, in one of the many stores nearby, as well as making a trip to nearby hot springs and much more. All in all, it makes for a fun, inexpensive trip for the family.

How to Get There
By train, the Dochu are one hour’s trip from Tokushima City station to the Awa Yamakawa Station. Go out from the station, cross the river there and follow the road straight for around 30 minutes. If going by car, head off the Wakimachi IC, turn left and follow the road around across the river until they come into sight.

Naruto Grand Hotel (鳴門グランドホテル)

Naruto-shi, Naruto-cho, Tosa Domari Ura Aza Oke 82-88


Outdoor bathing with a view out over the Onaruto Bridge!

The premises of the Naruto Grand Hotel are home to an onsen that anyone can use, regardless of whether they are staying at the hotel or not.  There are two spots – the great bathing area on the 8F, known as Ukibashi no Yu (浮橋の湯), and the roof-top outdoor bath called the Tenku no Yu (天空の湯). Both command a spectacular view of the Onaruto Bridge and nearby coastline, and the baths themselves offer bubble baths, hot water funnels, a sauna and many more different variations. The outdoors bath is a great place to just relax and while away the time in calm and quiet, not only having a great view in the daytime and sunset, but commanding a beautiful viewing spot for stars at night as well. The water is very smooth on the skin, and is a great way to warm up!

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Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis

The outdoor stage area of the Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis SA.

Approximately 50 minutes by car from the Tokushima IC on the Tokushima Motorway.


A handy service area (SA) on the Tokushima Motorway.

To those who have used the highway in Tokushima before, the Yoshinogawa Oasis may already be a familiar spot. But while the SA is packed with the usual facilities such as a rest space, petrol stands, toilets, food and gift section, it has a lot more to offer that isn’t widely known.

Just off to the east of the main SA area is a small bridge, and following it across you can find some log house cabins and a free camp site, offering two different forms of loding for those wanting to stay the night. The area is also home to a rock and flower garden that looks beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms come into flower.

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