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Tokushima AJET Musical – The Lion King

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This year, the crew of Tokushima AJET tackle the famous Disney story The Lion King in this, their 16th annual English musical. Last weekend saw the opening shows at Ishii and Hiwasa held to great success and record audiences, and another three shows are planned over the coming weekends. Don’t miss this local rendition of the classic tale!

March 13 (Sat.)
Kitajima Sousei Hall

March 14 (Sun.)
Tokushima Prefectural General Education Centre

March 20 (Sat.)
Wakimachi Odeon-za

If you want to find out more about the musical, call TOPIA at 088-656-3303 and ask for Mario.


Natura Gelato

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The storefront and deck area by the river.

The storefront and deck area by the river.

Itano-gun Kitajima-cho Nakamura Aza Eguchi 1-8


Open Hours
11:00-20:00 (weekdays)
10:00-20:00 (weekends and public holidays)
* The store may close early if stocks of gelato run out

A quiet, riverside gelato store and cafe using fresh milk and hand-picked fruit.

Natura, found by the banks of the Kyu Yoshino River in Kitajima-cho, is a gelato store also serving coffee and sweets and with a focus on using natural ingredients. The milk for the gelato is brought in daily from highlands in Okayama, and all fruit and other ingredients are hand-picked. Even the coffee beans used in coffee served at the store are brought in from Toyotomi Coffee in the City.

  • Gelato single – 315 yen (one flavour) / double 367 yen (two flavours) – cookies and cream, cocoa and cream, fresh chocolate, royal milk tea, rich caramel, maccha, etc.
  • Gelato takeaway – 1,260 yen (500 cc, two flavours) / 2,205 yen (1,000 cc, two flavours)
  • Handmade peach juice 540 yen
  • Red Shiso Juice 357 yen
  • Caramel / Vanila Cafe Late 504 yen

The menu also includes a variety of other coffee, cakes and desserts.

The view out over the Kyu Yoshino River from the outdoors seating for Natura.

The view out over the Kyu Yoshino River from the outdoors seating for Natura.

Store Interior
While the menu leaves little to be desired, one of Natura’s main attractions is its riverside location. The store sits right next to the Kyu Yoshino River, and while the parking area sits right next to a main roadway the store itself is quiet and peaceful. Inside, customers have a wide view through large windows out onto the river, and there is even a small landing area and outside deck for those who want to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months of the year.

Disaster Centre Study Tour

Some familiar faces appeared in the morning edition of the Tokushima Newspaper this morning on page 27 with an article about a study tour to the Prefectural Disaster Centre yesterday on the 20th.

It reads:

Exchange Students & Foreign Residents Study at Disaster Centre

Foreign residents living in Tokushima Prefecture participated in a study tour of the Prefectural Disaster Centre in the town of Kitajima, held on September 20 held by the Tokushima Prefecture International Exchange Association (TOPIA).

Comprised of exchange students from China and the USA, as well as English teachers and more, the participants engaged in various activities such as experiencing a level seven earthquake, and winds up to 30m/s in a typhoon simulator.

Australia born Simone Ewenson (35), who works as an English teacher at Komatsushima Senior High School had the following comments. “We don’t have earthquakes in Australia, so it was a very surprising experience for me. I really want to make sure I’m prepared in case one ever occurs.”

This study tour has been held every year since 2006 in September to coincide with Disaster Preparedness Month.

There you have it.