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Tokushima LED Art Festival 2010

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Saturday, April 17 to Sunday, April 25

Welcome to Tokushima’s first ever LED Art Festival, an art exhibition held on the banks of the Shinmachi River and throughout the streets of Tokushima to celebrate one of Tokushima’s finest industrial resources.

Spread across 27 different locations, this large-scale exhibition features a huge body of work from professional artists as well as university students, representatives of the Nichia Corporation and more. Held with the aim of stretching LED-based artwork to its limits, each work offers its own unique style, combining light, shape and sound to make a mesmerising display. A truly must-see event.

The "Luminous Band Camp" by the Shinmachi Bridge

Being spread over so many locations, it might seem difficult to see all of them in one go. But this is not necessarily the case. For example, the Hyotan Jima River Boat Cruise is offering a special night-time course from 18:00-21:00 every day of the event. The cruise costs 100 yen for insurance, and lasts approximately 10 minutes, taking those on board to see the more spectacular displays on offer. Bicycle rental is also available for free from the Awa Odori Dance Hall during the hours of 9:30-21:00 upon presentation of an LED Art Festival coupon. Coupons are available on page 16 of the event’s program, available online for free, here.

The coupons can also be used to receive discounts at nearby tourist facilities:

Awa Odori Dance Hall
Daytime sessions of Awa Odori are discounted by 100 yen for adults and senior high school students, and 50 yen for junior high school students and below. Night-time performances are discounted by 140 yen for adults and senior high school students, and 70 yen for junior high school students and below.

Bizan Ropeway
Ropeway tickets are discounted by 200 yen for a round trip for adults and senior and junior high school students, and 100 yen for elementary school students and below.

Tokushima City Castle Museum
Entry is discounted by 60 yen for adults, 40 yen for senior high school students and university students, and is free for junior high school students and below.

Tokushima Zoo
Entry is discounted by 100 yen for adults and senior high school students, and is free for junior high school students and below.

An array of Valentine's Day presents displayed as LED Art.

Stamp Rally
A stamp rally is being held for the duration of the event. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Collect the stamps from all exhibition sites and mark them on the first page of the program.
  2. Take your completed sheet to the information desk on the Shinmachi Boardwalk.
  3. Show the staff and vote for your favourite exhibition.
  4. Receive a raffle ticket for LED-related goods.

The raffle will be held on Saturday, April 25 at the Tokushima Children’s Traffic Park in Tokushima City, between 18:00 and 19:00. Prizes include a set of LED candles, LED world clocks, desk clocks, tag lights and more, and the raffle will be accompanied by a variety of other events such as a mini concert, LED workshops and more.

For detailed information on individual exhibitions and events, please refer to the LED Art Festival Homepage or post a comment here!


American Artist Creates Modern Style Painted Screen

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Yesterday’s Tokushima Newspaper ran an article about artist Andrea Dezsö’s work during the Kamiyama Artist in Residence Program this year:

Andrea Dezsö, a participant in this year’s Kamiyama Artist in Residence Program, has created a set of moving painted screens that are to be kept and used at the stage for the community run Ono Sakura Noson Butai Preservation Committee in Kamiyama.

Numbering 10 in total, the screens form a set three meters in length and 60cm in height. All together they are decorated with five faces in a style that takes heavy inspiration from a western-style circus, each of them drawn colourfully with different expressions. When the boards are turned around on stage, their expressions change.

Dezsö first became interested in painted screens as a form of art after seeing a puppet theatre play in New York last year. After learning that there was a painted screen preservation committee in Kamiyama when she came as part of the Artist in Residence Programme, she expressed an interest in the project.

“Painted screens are not only used as a backdrop to provide contrast to the plays, but their movement gives them an extra level of attraction. It isn’t common to see these screens being painted any more, so I thought I would give everyone a surprise by creating a modern-style set,” commented Dezsö.

President of the Preservation Committee Mr. Issei Ogawa (66) was also heard saying, “Using these screens in combination with the older ones will surely make for a more interesting display, and I’m sure they will be very popular with children as well.”