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Preventing the Spread of Swine Flu – Tokushima

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For Those with Swine Flu Symptoms

First, call your local medical institution and consult a doctor.

  • Confirm the correct procedures for visiting the institution on the phone.
  • When visiting, ensure you wear a face mask if you have symptoms such as a fever or coughing.

Viruses can travel up to a meter with a cough or sneeze, but wearing a mask can help prevent these molecules from spreading. Please ensure that you wear a mask to help prevent the virus from infecting other people. In particular, patients of hospitals may have low resistance levels due to being in poor health. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of your personal hygiene in order to help prevent the virus from spreading. Read the rest of this entry


Fukurou Ramen

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The storefront to Fukurou.



* Closed on Wednesdays

If you’re looking for a filling meal and a new flavour of ramen,  thenFukurou is the place to be.

Perhaps the most appropriate way to describe the menu of Fukurou is a surprising sense of volume. The standard serving of ramen is much like that found in other stores, but once you leave the safe and normal territory then you’re in for a ride. Just about every other order on the menu is filled with all kinds of meat and vegetables, and I can guarantee you won’t be left wanting at the end of your meal.

Ramen at Fukurou

A bowl of 'genki soba' ramen at Fukurou

What’s more, the menu has a lot of other options in addition to the standard ramen and gyoza fare. For example, in addition to bowls of rice and plates of shumai, you can also order curry rice (although not the kind you may be used to), kimchi and almost any other combination of noodles, rice and common vegetables that you can imagine.

  • Chuka Soba – 530 yen
  • Genki Soba – 680 yen
  • Curry Rice – 380 yen
  • Gyoza – 320 yen
  • Shumai – 260 yen
  • Kimchi – 180 yen


A look at the inside of the shop.

Store Interior
Located next to one of the main roads running through Matsushige to Naruto City, the shop is easy to find. It has a generous parking space, and like many ramen shops, the interior of the store is very understated, with both table and counter seats available.

Tickets are bought from a machine at the door, and pictures are available for most of the items on the menu so you can work out what to get in advance event if you can’t read Japanese.

August Fireworks – 2009

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While the majority of fireworks displays in Tokushima are held in July, the fun isn’t over yet. In fact, it has only just begun! A total of two major fireworks displays are going to be held this August, including the largest annual fireworks display in the prefecture!

Come and enjoy a display of over 900 volleys.

When: Thursday, August 6, 20:00-21:00
Where: The Athletics Grounds at Kamojima in Yoshinogawa City.
Inquiries: Call the Yoshinogawa City Industry and Commerce Association at 0883-24-2274.

This riverside display is the largest in the prefecture, with more than 3,500 volleys planned for the event!

When: Friday, August 7, 20:00-21:00
Where: Next to the Naruto City Bunka Kaikan, on the banks of the Muya River.
Inquiries: Call the Naruto City Industry and Commerce Division at 088-684-1157.

Awa Odori Events in Tokushima

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Senbatsu Awa Odori Taikai
Professional dancing troupes present highly refined dancing performances on stage. A total of three different troupes will be dancing each day of the event.

Wednesday, August 12 to Saturday, August 15

Tokushima-shi Bunka Center
11:30 – (August 12 and 15 only), 13:30 -, 16:00 –

Awagin Hall
13:30 -, 16:00 –

Tickets are 1,800 yen for reserved seats (指定席 – shitei-seki) and 1,200 yen for free seating areas (自由席 – jiyuu-seki). All tickets cost an additional 200 yen if bought on the day.

Senbatsu Awa Odori Taikai – Zenyasai
A stunning combined performance by all awa dance troupes belonging to the Awa Odori Promotions Association and Tokushima Prefectural Awa Odori Association. Hundreds of dancers come together for this once in a year event to mark the opening of the festival.

Monday, August 11
13:00 -, 16:00 -, 19:00 –

Asty Tokushima

2,000 yen for reserved seats and 1,500 yen for free seating areas.

Awa Odori at Tokushima Airport
Performances of Awa Odori will be held in front of the arrivals lobby at Tokushima Aiport to welcome visitors to the prefecture.

Wednesday, August 12
10:15 -, 11:45 –

The area in front of the arrivals lobby at Tokushima Airport, in Matsushige-cho.


Read the rest of this entry

Tokushima Prefecture & Swine Flu

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A notice from the Tokushima Prefecture Risk Management Office regarding precautions to prevent an outbreak of swine flu in the prefecture.

1. Act calmly.
Ensure you have access to correct information and act according to this.

2. Gargling, Washing Hands, and Masks
Wash your hands and gargle after going inside a building and avoid large crowds whenever possible. Persons displaying symptoms such as a fever, coughing or sneezing should wear a mask at all times.

3. If You Feel Ill
The Tokushima Prefectural Government has established an Influenza Guidance Hotline. If you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite or coughing within seven days of visiting a region where the flu infection had been confirmed, please contact the Influenza Guidance Hotline directly without visiting a medical institution.

Influenza Hotlines

Health Promotions Department
Infectious Symptoms and Illnesses Office
Open 24 hours.

Tel. 088-621-2228
Fax. 088-621-2841

Healthcare Centres
Open from 9:00am – 5:00pm

East District – 088-602-8907
Yoshinogawa – 0883-24-1114
South District – 0884-28-9867
Minami – 0884-74-7343
West District – 0883-52-1017
Miyoshi – 0883-72-1122

Furthermore, if you have any queries about the influenza, then don’t hesitate to call the line below.

Swine Influenza Enquiries Line
Tel. 0120-960-005 (Free dial)
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Tokushima Prefecture Homepage Photo Competition

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Good news for avid photographers in Tokushima Prefecture.

In October this year, the Tokushima Prefecture homepage is going to be updated, and along with it a total of 30 photos are wanted for use on the main homepage.

The information that follows is a translation of an announcement on the Tokushima Prefecture Homepage.

Number of Places

A prize of roughly 3,000 yen in value will be given to winning submissions, in the form of local goods.

Photographs focusing on culture, tourist spots, local goods of Tokushima Prefecture. Subjects might include Awa Odori, Ningyo Joruri, the Naruto Whirlpools, Mt. Tsurugi, the Iya Vine Bridge, sea turtles, sudachi, etc.

How to Submit
Fill out your name (氏名), age (年齢), address (住所), phone number (電話番号), photo title (作品タイトル), location of photo (撮影場所), name of subject (被写体名), date the photo was taken (撮影年月日), purpose of the photo (within 30 characters – in Japanese) (撮影のねらい), whether the photo may be trimmed to size or not (トリミング等お任せの有無) and send via email or by regular mail with a CD to the address below.

〒770-8570 徳島市万代町一丁目1番地

〒770-8570 Tokushima-shi, Bandai-cho 1-1
Tokushima-ken Kikaku Soumubu Hisho-ka Koho Kocho Tanto

Tel: 088-621-2014

Submission Deadline
August 31, 2009

Check out the homepage for the application forms and email address to send you submissions!