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A list of places for you to go to and things to do when you’re out and about in Tokushima.

Awa City
The Dochu Earth Pillars

Tokushima City
Hyotan-jima Boat Cruise
Yoshino River Mouth

Naruto City
Naruto Grand Hotel & Onsen

Yoshinogawa City
Kawashima Castle

Kamiyama Cho
Amagoi no Taki

Katsuura Gun
The Big Hina Matsuri
Inner Hina Matsuri
The Kyouryuu no Sato (Home of Dinosaurs)

Miyoshi City
Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis
Sunriver Oboke

The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage
Shukubou Lodging


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  1. Susan Tennant

    Perhaps readers would be interested in Takamure Itsue’s account of her Shikoku Pilgrimage, made in 1918, when she was 24. It’s a fascinating tale–an old man insists on travelling with her because he thinks she is a companion of Kannon Bosatsu; people she meet think she’s a god who can cure diseases; many of her fellow pilgrims are from the dregs of society and she describes them vividly. Takamure wrote 105 newspaper articles about her experiences and these articles made her an instant celebrity throughout Japan. The translation of her articles, The 1918 Shikoku Pilgrimage of Takamure Itsue: an English translation of Musume Junreiki, is available from Amazon and Kindle.

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