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Tokushima Prefecture
The prefecture’s English homepage. It hasn’t been updated in a long time, but the information on it is pretty solid. The site also contains a few articles about industry in Tokushima, which gives it a bit of a different perspective than most of the other sites on this list.

Tokushima City
The Tokushima City English Homepage. The information listed on this website isn’t very detailed, and isn’t up to date, either. But what it does have to offer are a few nice shots of the city and surrounds, and the site itself gives a very brief look at what you can expect to find here.

The website for the Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association, TOPIA. Here you can find information on Japanese classes, events, a list of English speaking doctors and more.

Awa Navi
The website for the Tokushima Prefectural Tourism Association, in English. It has a lot of good information about local tourist sites, including some maps, suggested tourist routes, photos and more.

Living in Tokushima
This website contains up to date information about local events, a TV and movie guide, natural disasters and much more.

JTM Tokushima Nihongo Network
A Tokushima-based organisation dedicated to teaching Japanese and supporting foreign residents.

Hiking in Southern Japan
A blog written by resident of Tokushima Matthew Lindsay about places to hike in Tokushima, Shikoku and elsewhere in southern Japan.


JR Shikoku Rail Map
A map of all the railway stations on Shikoku, in both Japanese and English.

Tokushima Airport
The English version of the Tokushima Airport website.


Industry in Tokushima
A website focusing primarily on industry in Tokushima, with very detailed on related facilities and the projects in which they are engaged. It also has a short introduction to Tokushima, and a links section to some of the larger enterprises in the prefecture.

Tokushima Prefecture: General Business Information
An article on the JETRO website about business in Tokushima. It provides some useful information about Tokushima from a business related standpoint, and is up to date.


Tokushima University
The Tokushima University English website. The information here is very detailed, and provides a good overview of the university and what you can do there.

Tokushima Bunri University
The Tokushima Bunri University English website. Once again, detailed information on the university is available.

Shikoku University
The Shikoku University English website. Not as detailed as the two above, but it still has a lot of information.

Naruto University of Education
The Naruto University of Education website. Contains a highly detailed overview of all aspects of the university.


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