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If you’ve found you’re way here, you’re probably wondering what this site is about and what kind of information it can give you.

Route 55 is a community-based, informal guide to Tokushima Prefecture that is aimed at giving a deeper look at what is here than provided in the guidebooks. It host everything from reviews of local stores and locations to information about tourist spots ‘off the map’ and everything else handy for those planning on coming to Tokushima, or already here.

The site is young and information a little sparse, but it is continuing to grow. So keep an eye out for new posts or help fill out the information on the site with an entry of your own. See below for details on how you can help.

Why ‘Route 55’?
Route 55 is the name of one of the largest roads running through Tokushima. Beginning at Kachidoki Bridge in Tokushima City, it runs all the way down south into Kochi. North of Kachidoki Bridge the road turns into Route 11, which heads north and goes to Kagawa. It also runs past the express from Naruto City in the north, one of the main gateways into Tokushima and Shikoku from mainland Japan.

How to Participate
Been to a great spot in Tokushima that no one knows about? Do you know of a good restaurant or cafe and want to tell people about it? Then you’ve come to the right place!

First, take a quick search through the archives to see if an entry on the same subject already exists. If it does, then you are welcome to submit new information via email, or leave a comment expressing your own thoughts and opinions.

But, if your search turns up empty-handed, then there is a good chance no-one has written about it yet! If you have a few moments on hand, write up a quick review and send it along to us with any photos you have available and we will post it here for all to see.

If you have something to submit, send it to

If You Notice an Error
All efforts are made to ensure that the information on the site is accurate and up to date, but phone numbers change, town mergers affect local addresses and the trained monkeys sitting behind the keyboards here sometimes make mistakes. So if you notice something is amiss, let us know straight away so we can keep our records up to scratch.


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