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Hi all, my name is Sarah and I am the new owner of this blog, since the delightful Aussie who started it has since left Tokushima and returned to the down under. He will be sorely missed. But now it’s up to me to do what I can to provide some English insight into Tokushima’s spots of interest and public facilities.

First off, apologies for the hiatus. I’m still getting my head around the new job I am filling, which has a lot of responsibilities besides this blog. But I have had time to explore Tokushima a bit, and this coffee bar I am about to introduce was one of the first places I fell in love with, and I was actually first taken there by the former owner of this blog. Of course.

Mr. Toyotomi is a barista with nearly twenty years of experience who imports coffee beans from all around the world and roasts them at his own shop. Tokushima born and bred, he studied agriculture in college, and soon thereafter went abroad to work in the U.S. where he nurtured a love for American culture, and above all, coffee. He studied to earn his barista’s license and returned to Tokushima to open his own shop. Together with his business partners and friends in the coffee-lover community, he is striving to spread the market of specialty coffees in Japan, where frequently quantity is valued more over quality.

He has the usual array of delicious blended coffees, cappuccinos, machiatos, etc. that you can expect from a seasoned barista, as well as a few surprises such as a green tea espresso smoothie, an iced orange cafe late, an espresso and azuki (sweet red bean, TO DIE FOR) smoothie, a few fruit smoothies, and an array of sandwiches, cakes, and parfaits to have you making up excuses to come out to Toyotomi.

He also has an art gallery on the 2nd floor where local artists have their work on display, and frequently for sale! This includes not just canvas works, but a great variety of handmade crafts as well. Come out and take a gander!

If you speak enough Japanese to get by, he also has a Coffee Class every month, where you will learn the science and art of roasting and brewing your own coffee. Participation fee is 2000 yen.

Toyotomi’s hours are:

Weekdays: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (closed Wednesdays)

Weekends: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

The parking lot fits 12 cars, but I’ve never seen it full so don’t worry about there not being space. There is also some space at Plain Table, a furniture and houseware store next door (also a wonderful place that might get a review in the future).

Address: 〒770-0866  徳島県徳島市末広2丁目1-42

Tokushima City, Matsuhiro 2 chome 1-42

TEL: 088-655-8052


Don’t be deceived by outward appearances! This place is a must-visit for coffee lovers!


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  1. Hi Sarah! I’m glad to see somebody is taking up the reins. I’m also a resident of Tokushima and have a website on which I post information (and lots of media) about as many restaurants as I visit.

    Please, take a look and let me know if there’s any way I can be of assistance!

  2. Hi Hiroki, thanks for the info! I just might have some questions in the future. 😀

  3. Anytime!

    I also do a weekly video podcast:

  4. Hi Sarah! I just finished listening to the latest episode of The Japantics podcast and heard that you made a special guest appearance on their show. As a CIR in Tokushima, we’d love to have you on the Bad Communication podcast to let us pick your brain a bit and chat about some of the happenings in Tokushima and Japan.

    Let me know if you’re interested!

  5. Hi, Sarah! Thank you for your effort!
    Andrew will be happy to know that you try to keep going on this website!

    I miss Toyotomi coffee and the owner Toyotomi san!
    Please say hello to him if you go there next time!

    Cheers♥ Chie

  6. Hi Hiroki, could email me at, and we can talk about it. : ) I’ll be out of town for the holidays, but maybe we can get together in the new year.

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