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Long time, no see, everyone!
It’s Lady Sudachi here.

The weather has gotten progressively colder and winter is now right at our doorsteps.

At this time of year the air can get very cold and dry, and it can be very harsh on women’s skin.

Why not make use of your time in Japan to try some of the local brands.

There are many well-known brands, but this time I’d like to introduce you to a brand called ‘Chifure’.

Chifure is one of the more inexpensive brands of cosmetics on the market right now, but it has a surprisingly high quality behind its low cost.

Chifure products cost around 1,000 yen at their most expensive and you can get many basic types of cosmetics for just 600 yen. They are scent-free and use no artificial coloring, and are known for being gentle to your skin. What’s more, the labels are clearly marked with the date of production and the ingredients so you know exactly what you are using.

Chifure products are also environmentally friendly. Once you buy a certain product, you can use the same bottle it comes in by simply buying refill packs. Refills are even cheaper than the original, bottled products, so you can make a saving here as well.

Chifure is a very easy brand of cosmetics to use and can be helpful for those who aren’t sure which brand to go with or who are looking for something light and easy to carry while on a trip.

In Tokushima, you can buy Chifure products from the seventh floor of the Sogo Department Store in Tokushima City. Most other general drug stores stock their products as well.

Please give it a go!

They even have an English website:

Also, a more full description of products is available for those who can read Japanese.


Cleansing Oil 220ml 735 yen (Refills – 630 yen)
Face Wash 150g 420 yen
Skin Lotion (Moist Type) 150ml 578 yen (Refills – 473 yen)
Moisturizer 50g 735 yen (Refills – 630 yen)
Foundation 840 yen (w/case) (Refill – 525 yen), Sponge 168 yen
Lipstick case 105 yen、Lipstick (Refills) 315 yen


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  1. Can you send me details of Chifure Powder Foundation INGREDIENTS in English at my yahoo add? I am interested to use the product.

    I would appreciate your soonest feedback.


  2. Dear Joesin, I have sent you an email regarding the ingredients. I hope it is of some service to you.

  3. Could you also send the chifure foundation ingredients in English to me?

    I live in Oita prefecture and very much I am interested in using the product.

    Also the cleansing oil ingredients if possible.

    thank you so much

  4. send to

    Also, where can I buy it in Beppu city?
    I’ve never seen it before.

  5. Ann, thank you for your comments. I’ve sent an email to your hotmail account with the details.

  6. Can you reccomend On-line store to buy Chifure’s products from Europe?

    Thank you in advanced.

  7. Hi, Id like to order chifure dual powder foundation. How much?
    How will I pay? Im residing in the philippines. Thanks for replying.

  8. Hi, Id like to order a chifure whitening lotion. How will I order? I’m here in Yap Micronesia. Thanks

  9. I need chifure blue eyeliner,where can i get it ?? Coz i lived in jkt indonesia its so hard to find it .thx

  10. Hi. I would like to order the moisturizer and the dual based foundation the blue one color is 33 but refill only. two of that. I stay i manila so how do I send you the money. May I ask if you are based in Japan? You can send me an email at
    I will wait for your reply

  11. Can you send me an details regarding chifure bb cream INGREDIENTS in english at my yahoo add i want to try their product.I appreciate ur soonest feedback thank you so much.

  12. i Hwant to purchase chifure foundation. Can you send me details on my emai in english

  13. hi

    could you please send me the list of ingredients of the lipgloss?(english)
    Thanks so much.

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