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Matara Sri Lankan Restaurant

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The entry to Matara

The entry to Matara, as seen from the roadside.



* Closed on Thursdays
* Five parking spaces available

Five star food in a friendly atmosphere!

If you’re looking for somewhere new to have curry or indian food, then you’re in luck. Matara in Joto-cho, Tokushima City, has a little something for everyone.

Chicken curry, Sri Lankan naan and more at Matara

Chicken curry, Sri Lankan naan and more at Matara

Found close to Tokushima Municipal High School and not far from the Suehiro Bridge, Matara is a small Sri Lankana restaurant with a big presence. The range of food available on its menu is extensive and there is sure to be something there to suit all tastes. Most notably, there are a variety of options for vegetarians of all sorts as well as seafood dishes and much, much more! Be careful, however, as prices tend to be a little more expensive at dinner time than during lunch, so you may want to plot ahead.

* Lunch sets 800 – 1,000 yen
* Matara Lunch – 1,300 yen
* Seafood risotto – 850 yen
* Yellow rice – 250 yen
* Sri Lankan Nan – 400 yen
* Coconut Roti – 600 yen

The interior of matara.

The interior of Matara.

Store Interior
The inside of the store is very welcoming and is easy on the eyes. All the tables are separated by dividers and there is a generally nice and clean aura throughout. But don’t be fooled – there is a air of quality hidden just underneath its approachable exterior, and one can’t help but get the feeling they are getting more than they paid for.