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Awa Odori Events in Tokushima

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Senbatsu Awa Odori Taikai
Professional dancing troupes present highly refined dancing performances on stage. A total of three different troupes will be dancing each day of the event.

Wednesday, August 12 to Saturday, August 15

Tokushima-shi Bunka Center
11:30 – (August 12 and 15 only), 13:30 -, 16:00 –

Awagin Hall
13:30 -, 16:00 –

Tickets are 1,800 yen for reserved seats (指定席 – shitei-seki) and 1,200 yen for free seating areas (自由席 – jiyuu-seki). All tickets cost an additional 200 yen if bought on the day.

Senbatsu Awa Odori Taikai – Zenyasai
A stunning combined performance by all awa dance troupes belonging to the Awa Odori Promotions Association and Tokushima Prefectural Awa Odori Association. Hundreds of dancers come together for this once in a year event to mark the opening of the festival.

Monday, August 11
13:00 -, 16:00 -, 19:00 –

Asty Tokushima

2,000 yen for reserved seats and 1,500 yen for free seating areas.

Awa Odori at Tokushima Airport
Performances of Awa Odori will be held in front of the arrivals lobby at Tokushima Aiport to welcome visitors to the prefecture.

Wednesday, August 12
10:15 -, 11:45 –

The area in front of the arrivals lobby at Tokushima Airport, in Matsushige-cho.


Naruto Awa Odori
The displays of Awa Odori in Naruto are the earliest in the prefecture, held over three days prior to August 12. Over thirty dance troupes perform each day of the event!

Sunday, August 9 to Tuesday, August 11
19:00 – 22:00

The stage areas and shopping mall on the west side of the JR Naruto Station in Naruto City.

Tickets for stage seating costs 600 yen, or 800 yen if bought on the day.

Yoshinogawa Awa Odori
A selection of well known dancing troupes from the area will come to perform on the streets of Kamojima. Seating is free!

Friday, August 14 to Sunday, August 16
19:00 – 22:00

The streets in front of JR Kamojima Station on the JR Awa Ikeda Line.

Ikeda Awa Odori
Over thirty dancing troupes from in and outside the town of Ikeda will come to perform during the event, and a paid seating area with over 800 seat is available for visitors.

Thursday, August 13 to Sunday, August 16
August 13: 19:00 –
August 14 – 16:  19:00 – 22:30

August 13: The Ikeda Sogo Taiiku-kan
August 14- 16: The area in front of Awa Ikeda Station and surrounds.


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