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Sea Turtle Egg Laying at Ohama Beach

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An article from the July 9 Tokushima Newspaper.

Late on Monday, July 7, the first sea turtle of the season appeared to lay eggs on Ohama Beach, one of Tokushima Prefecture’s few sea turtle egg laying spots. This first appearance is 12 days later than the first appearance last year, and marks the second appearance of a sea turtle on the beach after the first sighting on May 13 this year.

The medium-sized turtle had a shell of 84cm long and 66cm wide, and weighed approximately 85kg. Nishikawa Akira (61), a member of the local sea turtle watch saw the turtle digging a hole approximately 10m from the sruf at around 3:00am in the morning. The turtle layed 117 eggs over the space of 20 minutes and returned to the sea at 4:40am.

Due to the possibility of the eggs being washed away by a high tide, they were shifted to an incubator in the Sea Turtle Museum Karetta nearby in Hiwasa. The date for incubation is August 1.

“I was really touched to see the efforts of the mother sea turtle laying her eggs,” commented Kazuko Kawamoto, a housewife from Osaka who joined as many as 70 tourists who had come to watch the egg laying, waving as the turtle returned to the ocean.

Furthermore, a sighting of a sea turtle was made at Shirahama Beach on July 6. This marks the 6th appearance of a sea turtle on this beach this season, but  no egg layings have been reported so far.


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  1. If you were a turtle, would you feel comfortable with up to 70 people watching?

  2. Actually, that is exactly what I was thinking. And normally, wouldn’t you think the turtle might find it dangerous to lay its eggs with so many other large, potentially dangerous animals watching? I’d love to have an insight on what was going through its head.

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