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Swine Flu Confirmed in Tokushima

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A message from the Tokushima Prefectural Government. The original message can be found here.

On Tuesday, June 2, a women recently returned from a stay in the US was confirmed by the Tokushima Health Care Centre as being infected by the swine flu.

However, due to following instructions from the prefecture on the correct behaviour after returning from a trip abroad, the patient has had little contact with other people since their return, and there is little possibility of the infection spreading.

Accordingly, Tokushima Prefectural Government has released the following statement:

1. After graduating from university in New York City in the US, the patient returned to Japan and then Tokushima. Shortly afterwards, the patient contacted the Swine Flu Hotline, and has been reported as having little close contact with other people since. Therefore, there is NO current need for the temporary suspension of schools, kindergartens, facilities for the elderly and other facilities.

2. There is no need for any public facilities to be closed at current, and no events need to be cancelled as a result of the confirmation of infection.


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