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School Trips Postponed by Swine Flu

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An article about swine flu from the May 11 Tokushima Newspaper:

As the first case of the swine flu was confirmed in Japan, public schools in Tokushima postponed school trips one after the after. “It’s impossible to tell when a domestic outbreak might occur, and we have no choice but to take serious measures to ensure public safety,” said the Governor of Tokushima Prefecture Iizumi Kamon during a meeting on Sunday, May 10.

“While it isn’t good to be overly cautious, it is necessary to wait and see how the situation progresses,” the governor was also quoted as saying in regards to the swine flu being raised to phase six by WHO, a move that signifies it as a pandemic.

On Saturday, May 9 public schools in the prefecture were advised by a letter from the Prefectural Board of Education to postpone plans for school trips. In accordance with this, the next day a total of 52 primary and junior high schools, and ten high schools were reported as choosing to postpone their trips.

The governor also commented on the delay with which people  returning from trips to Mexico, the United States, Canada and elsewhere were reporting flu-like symptoms. “It only takes one infected person to create a potential disaster inside the prefecture. It is important that we have the correct information as soon as possible.”

If you experience flu-like symptoms within 10 days of returning from a trip abroad to a country where infections have been confirmed, please contact the Prefectural Health Promotions Division as soon as possible at 088-621-2228.

For those that require assisstance in communicating in Japanese, the staff at TOPIA can help interpret for you. Please contact the office at 088-656-3320.


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