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California Table

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The front of California Table as you come in from the parking area.

The front of California Table as you come in from the parking area.

Naruto-shi Seto-cho Ooshimada Aza Nakayama 1-1


* Lunch – 11:00-14:30
* Cafe Time – 14:30 – 17:00
* Dinner – 17:00- LO 21:00 (Fridays and weekends only)

A classy restaurant and cafe with a stunning view over the Seto Inland Sea.

If you have ever wondered exactly how far you’d have to go to find a restaurant making good use of the beautiful scenery Tokushima has to offer, look no further. California Table in Naruto City is a fantastic place with good food, a good view, good service, and good everything else.

As its name might suggest, the main fare of California Table is western style food. The menu has a wide range of common items such as steak, salads, a cheeseburger, pizza, pasta and other items, but they are served with both flair and volume. The prices might be a little off-putting for those looking for a casual lunch, but once the food arrives you won’t be left wondering where your money went.

One of the main attractions on the menu - the cheeseburger and side of chips.

One of the main attractions on the menu - the cheeseburger and side of chips.

  • Cheeseburger – 1,600 yen
  • Herb Rotisserie Chicken – 1,600 yen
  • Grilled Beef Steak – 2,300 yen
  • Caesar Salad – 950 yen
  • All cakes – 600 yen

A variety of drinks, including coffee, fresh juice, wine and more are also available.

Just a small part of the view from the deck area.

Just a small part of the view from the deck area.

Store Interior
One of the main attractions to California Table is the view. The restaurant stands on top of the mountainous ridges by the Seto Inland Sea, and provides a view out over the surrounding area and the bridge from Naruto to Awaji Island. There is an interior seating area and a deck, both very classy, and the view leaves nothing to be desired.

If you’re looking for a place to take that someone special, this is it.


Tokushima Prefecture & Swine Flu

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A notice from the Tokushima Prefecture Risk Management Office regarding precautions to prevent an outbreak of swine flu in the prefecture.

1. Act calmly.
Ensure you have access to correct information and act according to this.

2. Gargling, Washing Hands, and Masks
Wash your hands and gargle after going inside a building and avoid large crowds whenever possible. Persons displaying symptoms such as a fever, coughing or sneezing should wear a mask at all times.

3. If You Feel Ill
The Tokushima Prefectural Government has established an Influenza Guidance Hotline. If you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite or coughing within seven days of visiting a region where the flu infection had been confirmed, please contact the Influenza Guidance Hotline directly without visiting a medical institution.

Influenza Hotlines

Health Promotions Department
Infectious Symptoms and Illnesses Office
Open 24 hours.

Tel. 088-621-2228
Fax. 088-621-2841

Healthcare Centres
Open from 9:00am – 5:00pm

East District – 088-602-8907
Yoshinogawa – 0883-24-1114
South District – 0884-28-9867
Minami – 0884-74-7343
West District – 0883-52-1017
Miyoshi – 0883-72-1122

Furthermore, if you have any queries about the influenza, then don’t hesitate to call the line below.

Swine Influenza Enquiries Line
Tel. 0120-960-005 (Free dial)
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Tokushima Central Park in Full Bloom

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The rose garden in Tokushima Central Park.

The rose garden in Tokushima Central Park. (Photo by Lady Sudachi)

News just in – the rose garden at Tokushima Central Park is now in full bloom and is the perfect spot to see some lovely flowers or go for a picnic! If you have the time, come and spend some time here and enjoy the lovely weather before the heat creeps up into its mid-summer levels.

Ramen Soup Nuts

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Your standard bowl of ramen at Soup Nuts.

Your standard bowl of ramen at Soup Nuts.

Tokushima-shi Minami Tamiya-cho 1-5-25


* 11:30 – 14:30
* 17:30 – 21:00
* Closed on Wednesdays

For a fresh style of ramen with a fish stock base.

Don’t let the name fool you – soup nuts has little to do with normal soup, or nuts. It is in fact a ramen shop just north of Tokushima Station that, unlike many ramen stores in Tokushima, uses a fish stock base to its soup rather than pork or chicken.

While the stock for the soup has a unique taste that might not be for everyone,  the entire menu tastes a new take on the standard ramen fare. The gyouza are served with a special miso sauce instead of standard gyouza sauce, and the menu has a few new additions such as egg with chashuu on rice and other, similar combinations.

A plate of gyouza with miso sauce. More filling than they appear.

A plate of gyouza with miso sauce. More filling than they appear.

And for those who feel that your standard ramen with a side of gyouza is just about right, but be deceived! At first glance the ramen doesn’t seem very big, but once you set out to eating you start to realise how filling it is. The gyouza are also very large, and if anyone ever manages to leave feeling unsatisfied, please send us an email so we can mark the occasion.

Another speciality of the store is “tsuke-men”. Rather than standard ramen where everything is put together in the one bowl of soup, here you are served the soup by itself with a plate of noodles and other ingredients to individually dip in and eat separately.

  • Ramen – 630 yen
  • Tokusei Ramen (large) – 830 yen
  • Tsuke-men – 680 yen
  • Tokusei Tsuke-men – 880 yen
  • Gyouza – 400 yen
  • Onsen Tamago Nose Chashuu-don – 400 yen
The beacon to Soup Nuts - an orange sign poking its head out onto the street.

The beacon to Soup Nuts - an orange sign poking its head out onto the street.

Store Interior
The store itself is very minimalist, and is a lot less like normal ramen shops and more like a trendy cafe. The seats are hollow stools with room inside them to put bags and other items you might bring with you, and the counter and walls are very bare. It all comes together to give the place a very open atmosphere, but those looking for a homely ramen shop with fifty years of random paraphernalia tacked to the walls might feel a little disappointed.

School Trips Postponed by Swine Flu

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An article about swine flu from the May 11 Tokushima Newspaper:

As the first case of the swine flu was confirmed in Japan, public schools in Tokushima postponed school trips one after the after. “It’s impossible to tell when a domestic outbreak might occur, and we have no choice but to take serious measures to ensure public safety,” said the Governor of Tokushima Prefecture Iizumi Kamon during a meeting on Sunday, May 10.

“While it isn’t good to be overly cautious, it is necessary to wait and see how the situation progresses,” the governor was also quoted as saying in regards to the swine flu being raised to phase six by WHO, a move that signifies it as a pandemic.

On Saturday, May 9 public schools in the prefecture were advised by a letter from the Prefectural Board of Education to postpone plans for school trips. In accordance with this, the next day a total of 52 primary and junior high schools, and ten high schools were reported as choosing to postpone their trips.

The governor also commented on the delay with which people  returning from trips to Mexico, the United States, Canada and elsewhere were reporting flu-like symptoms. “It only takes one infected person to create a potential disaster inside the prefecture. It is important that we have the correct information as soon as possible.”

If you experience flu-like symptoms within 10 days of returning from a trip abroad to a country where infections have been confirmed, please contact the Prefectural Health Promotions Division as soon as possible at 088-621-2228.

For those that require assisstance in communicating in Japanese, the staff at TOPIA can help interpret for you. Please contact the office at 088-656-3320.