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the cafe

The store front next to the shrine.

Author: Miree

Tokushima-shi Toori-machi 2-15


What happens if you wander around the city with your parents and it is four in the afternoon? Well, your father may ask you where he can get a coffee and cake like he is used to in his home country. And as you walk through small streets heading for the station, because you know three coffee shops near them, your father suddenly stops and points his finger to a small Cafe, which you have passed a million times but never seen.

The store is filled with wooden chairs and furnishings, giving it a very homely atmosphere.

The store is filled with wooden chairs and furnishings, giving it a very homely atmosphere.

The outside is really simple and almost invisible, but when you step inside it is a lovely, warm but small place. Wood everywhere, nice paintings on the wall and a mini garden in the middle. As you sit down, a friendly lady approaches you with the menu and the bait is the cake set.

For 700 yen you get one coffee, and what else? Right, a piece of cake! Chocolate or cheese cake or others. They are not handmade but delicious enough. The coffee is quite good. I had Wiener coffee, which makes the cake set a 750 yen price. We sat next to the garden. Or should I say window to an outside world. A few cats were in this small place and it was an open place but no connection to the inside. Hard to describe. I want to go again and see it at rainy times.

The interior is as described, woody and looks old but comforting. Its clean and has a nice atmosphere, like your grand parents garden house. The pictures on the wall are changed by the owner by season and are inspired by the works of Chagall. The lady said, she likes Chagall so much that she named her Cafe after him.

Standard Coffee is 400 Yen, special selection going up 450 Yen.

They serve breakfast as well.

Just a 7 minute walk from the station and next to the Kotoshironushi Shrine.


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