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The Spring Traffic Safety Campaign

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Since the start of the week, the drivers amongst us may have noticed a larger police presence out on the roads than usual. While some of them are looking out for those who have had a little too much fun “watching the flowers” so to speak, there is actually another reason behind this sudden appearance.

That’s right – it’s time for the National Spring Traffic Safety Campaign.

This year the campaign is being held from Monday, April 6 to Wednesday, April 15, and the police will be out in force to make sure that drivers are in compliance with the road laws. In particular, the goal of this year’s campaign is to raise awareness about traffic safety around children and the elderly to help bring down the high death toll for related incidents.

The police have also announced the following goals:

  • Checking for proper use of seatbelts in both the front and rear seats of vehicles.
  • Promotion of safe riding of bicycles.
  • Prevention of drink driving.
  • Prevention of night time accidents.

So take care while you’re out on the roads, and we wish you all safe driving!

For those interested, you can find the original announcement in Japanese on the Tokushima Prefecture Homepage.


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