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Supplementary Income Payment Begins

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From the March 30 Tokushima Newspaper.

This past Monday, March 30 marked the beginning of payment for the supplementary income payment in Tokushima City. Those first to receive their payments were those who had signed up for bank transfers, whilst those receiving cash payments will have to wait until mid April. Bank transfer and cash payment has also begun in Sanagouchi.

The payments in Tokushima City targeted 12,000 households (a total of 446 million yen) who had completed their applications by March 26 and who had applied for bank transfer. The payments were deposited in bank institutions (not including post office accounts) as designated by the heads of these households.

“It’s good for the family. I was surprised to see that the payment arrived a lot faster than I expected. I want to use it for a  congratulatory offering at a wedding but it isn’t quite enough to cover it,” said a Tokushima City Office worker who confirmed a payment of 44,000 yen for their family of four.

The next wave of payments are scheduled for early April. Afterwards there will be three payment blocks each month after the payments for a block have been confirmed. Payment to post office accounts is expected to be delayed due to problems in the system.

In Sanagouchi, a booth was opened at the Agriculture Promotions Centre next to the Village Office, and was manned by four office staff since 8:00 am. By 12:00 pm, 77 people had come to apply for the payment, of which five received cash payments due to not having a bank account.


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