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Kirushna – South Indian Curry

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The exterior to Kirshuna as seen from the street.

The exterior to Kirshuna as seen from the street.

Tokushima-shi Okinohama Higashi 3-65-3



11:00-15:00, 17:00-22:00
* Last order is at 21:30
* Closed on Mondays
* Total of 28 seats
* Parking available

A taste of real south Indian curry just off route 55 in Tokushima City.

Found in the south of Tokushima City, Kirshuna is a small store that offers customers both a healthy menu of Indian food, and a range of hand made Indian clothing and accessories.

Store Interior
It’s hard for a store to look and feel newer than this. Everything inside the main room looks as though it was opened just the day before, and while it still doesn’t feel as though the place has been broken in, it is a nice, open area with good seating (both a counter area and tables) and a high cieling. It is well lit, with a large window outside and good lighting, and all while you eat you can hear music that is (presumably) from south India.

  • A Lunch 500 yen (salad, curry of the day, naan or rice).
  • South Indian Lunch 850 yen (Salad, south Indian curry and main dish, rice, senbei, coffee or chai).
  • O Lunch 1000 yen (two types of curry, naan and rice, tandoori chicken, coffee or chai).
  • Kirshuna Lunch (Soup of the day, curry and four types of south Indian dishes, salad, south Indian bread and rice, coffee or chai).
  • Drinks include coffee, chai (hot and cold), soft drinks including lassi and mango / blueberry rush, alcoholic drinks with local and indian beer and wine.

All the food on the menu is very healthy, using little oil and a variety of herbs to give it a deep and aromatic flavour. While it might not satisfy those who want to know they’ve had a big meal when they’re done, everything is served using natural herbs and spices and makes a good option for those wanting some healthy.


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  1. Where, specifically, is this located? “Just off the 55” is a large area when you are travelling by bicycle.

  2. Sorry for the delay in getting a map up.

    As you are going along Route 55 away from the city, turn right when you get to Home Centre Nakai (across from the large “Kamera no Kitamura”) and go down a hundred metres or so and it is right there.

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