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Naruto Students Active in Charity Work

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An article from the March 20 Tokushima Newspaper about students in Naruto City who are working to support the activities of Peace Village in Germany.

Five second-year students of Naruto High Schools (Naruto City, Muya-cho) are helping raise money for the NGO German Peace Village in Germany, an organisation that helps children from across the world affected by war. In aid of the organisation, whose only source of revenue is through charity, the students are calling for help within their school and the local region. During a charity event at the Naruto City German House on March 21 and 22, they are set to report the results of a half years work.

The five students are Takeyama Tomoka (17), Takara (17), Takemura Shiho (17), Yumoto Chiharu (17), and Harada Saki (17). They first came to know of Peace Village when Takeyama Tomoka saw  a programme about it on TV in August 2008, and then called on the other four to “do something to help children injured by war and domestic conflicts”.

The students studied the history and work of Peace Village via the internet and information brought in from the German House. Following this, the students took a collection box to all the classes in the school to help raise interest in the issue of world peace.

In October and November 2008, the students promoted the presence of Peace Village via a speech contest in Tokushima City and regional events, and have so far managed to collect a total of 50,000 yen.

At the event at the German House, the students will not only present a report of their work, but participate in a panel discussion as well. “I want to do my best to raise as much as possible,” said Takeyama, one of the five students.

Peace Village was established in 1967 by a citizen’s body, and has accepted many children from war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Angola to work towards treatment of their wounds, both physical and mental. All costs for running the village are accumulated through charity.


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