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Wada no Ya – Green Tea and Mochi

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Tokushima-shi, Bizan-cho Ootakiyama 5-3.


*Closed on Thursdays

A semi-traditional tea house nestled in the northern slopes of Mt. Bizan.

Are you a fan of green tea and traditional Japanese sweets? Then look no further! Specialising in a type of grilled mochi, the Wada no Ya offers a range of teas and traditional sweets, all in a cosy location just past the hustle and bustle of the city.

Store Interior
The store is comprised of two main floors.

The first floor sits inside the store proper, and in it visitors can find a small counter and display area for the store’s produce, and a variety of books related to Mt. Bizan and the store itself. There is a small row of counter seats, and a large window with a view out onto the surrounding area.

In contrast, the second floor is found outside and separated by a short walkway. On the inside it is a large tatami room, and has enough space to fit two to three larger groups inside. You might need to ask if it is ok to go there, however (上に行ってもいいですか – ue ni itte mo ii desu ka) as the staff often guide visitors to the lower floor first.

Looking outside the ample windows found on either floor, visitors can enjoy a view out on to the store’s own natural waterfall, and a walking trail that heads up into the nearby mountainside. The shade from the mountain means that the store is always cool, making it a good getaway in the hotter months, but a little chilly in winter.

Also, thanks to its position away from the bustle of the city, the only sound that can be heard from within the store is that of the mountain and the water from the falls.

Want a better view? Check out the store’s homepage for a full 360 degree panorama of the interior.

  • Yakimochi and Maccha Set – 650 yen
  • Special Senbei Set – 600 yen (winter only)

A variety of other drinks and sweets are also available.

And for those that want to taste some of the mochi without going all the way, branch stores can be found in the basement of the Clement Plaza, in the Awa Odori Kaikan, and in the Fuji Grand in Kitajima.

All in all, the Wada no Ya makes for the perfect place to visit or to take visiting friends and relatives for a taste of traditional Japan.



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