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The 2009 AJET Musical – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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It’s been 15 years since the first ever performance of the AJET English Musical, and since then the ever changing cast and crew has challenged a myriad of stories from both the East and the West. From well-known stories such West Side Story and Alice in Wonderland to self-created stories such as Harry Potter and the Big Beckham Rescue, Tokushima AJET has just about covered it all.

But not yet.

This year, following on from last year’s success with the story of Momotaro and the Revenge of Akaoni, the cast and crew tackle the very big, and very sweet story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As per tradition, the musical will be held in five places around the prefecture, and is set to run for just over two hours in total including a 15 minute break. Plus, all performances are totally free to watch, and all you need to do is turn up at the door! See below for full details.

Musical Poster

Performance Dates

March 7 (Sat.)
Ishii-cho Chuo Kominkan

March 8 (Sun.)
Minami-cho Community Hall

March 14 (Sat.)
Tokushima Prefectural General Education Centre

March 15 (Sun.)
Hanoura Joho Bunka Centre – Cosmo Hall

March 21 (Sat.)
Wakimachi Odeon-za

If you want to find out more about the musical, call TOPIA at 088-656-3303 and ask for Mario or Andrew.


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