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Baruto no Gakuen Set to Close

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From the Tokushima Newspaper on February 20:

The location set for the movie Baruto no Gakuen in Oasa Town in Naruto City will be closed at the end of February, with dismantling of the set beginning in March. Hiroaki Hayashi, President of the Bando Location Set Preservation Committee currently in charge of operating the set expressed that he had given up hope for the renewal location’s operating period. The formal decision will be made during a formal meeting on February 20.

Amongst other things, the possibility of damage being done to the set during a typhoon was put forth as one of the reasons from the  Naruto City Government as to why the set would be closed at the end of the month. “We believe there is no current problem with safety, but it won’t be possible to come to an agreement with the government, and it is an inevitable end for the set,” Hayashi was quoted as saying.

Furthermore, due to budget and space constraints, the Naruto City Government’s proposal to shift the set to a different location has also been erased as a possibility.

To commemorate the set, the first hundred people visiting it on February 21 and 22 will be given sweets. The set will be free to enter from February 26 onwards and on February 28, the last day, a closing ceremony will be held.

The location set recreates a prisoner of war camp from WWI. There are barracks for the german soldiers, a bakery, printing press and other buildings totalling thirty four constructions. It was opened in March 2006 by the Oasa Town Chamber of Industry and Commerce at the reqest of movie fans and was visited by 230,000 people by March 2008.

From April 2008 the running of the camp fell into the hands of local residents and a non profit organisation. All tours, reception and maintenance on the buildings has been held by volunteers until this point, but the area was visited by only 18,500 people by the end of January this year.


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  1. It is hard to believe. I am a big fan of this movie set and I liked to go there. Sad thing.

  2. I agree. I don’t go out to Naruto very often, but I always liked making a trip to the set. It’s a big shame.

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