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Kincho Manju

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There are two varieties of Kincho Manju - chocolate and vanilla.

The two flavours of Kincho Manju in a mixed flavour 6-pack.

Kincho Manju (金長まんじゅう) are one of Tokushima’s most famous sweets, first produced way back in 1937 by the well-known sweets company Hallelujah in Komatsushima City. They are noted for being the first manju in all of Japan to use chocolate in their outer coating, and even today are available in their original format. Inside the chocolate-flavoured outside is a soft white bean found in many such similar sweets across the country.

Kincho Manju are currently available in two varieties – Kincho Manju and Kincho Gold.

Kincho Manju are available in a variety of different numbers, and you can even get boxes with both flavours in them. The current lineup is as follows:

6-pack:   735 yen
10-pack: 1,155 yen
15-pack: 1,732yen
20-pack: 2,310 yen

The Awa Tanuki Battle
The name ‘Kincho’ comes from an old tanuki (racoon dog) of legend who used to live in the Komatsushima City area. A very popular character, he was also a major player in the legendary Awa Tanuki Battle and is even today remembered for the good luck he is said to have brought the region.

And so, every time you buy Kincho Manju, you can see the face of a tanuki on the wrapping paper, box and on each of the individual wrappers for the sweets.


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