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Oonaruto Bridge Highway Toll Reductions

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From the February 2 Tokushima Newspaper:

On February 2, the Tokushima Prefectural Government announced plans for a large-scale reduction of highway tolls for the Oonaruto Bridge over a two year span aimed at doubling the number of visitors from outside the prefecture as well as the number of vehicles using the bridge. The plan, aimed at not only increasing the number of tourists visiting the prefecture as well as invigorating trade routes, is expected to be reflected in the initial budget for the FY2009.

Taking the first step in increasing regional tourism, the prefectures of Tokushima and Hyogo have exchanged page space in the February issue of their newsletters to publish information about tourist information in either prefecture.

In the Hyogo newsletter (2,370,000 units) published on February 5, Tokushima is set to provide information about the Uzubiraki Tourist Campaign and the Big Hina Matsuri in Katsuura, working under the slogan ‘Come to Tokushima for the start of spring’. Likewise, in Tokushima’s Kensei Dayori OUR Tokushima published on February 10 (313,000 units) information about Hyogo Prefecture is also set to be included. Plans also exist to hold similar connections with the other prefectures in the Kinki Region.

The aim of the project is to double the number of tourists to Tokushima  (7,270,000 in 2007) as well as the number of vehicles using the Onaruto Bridge (7,200,000).  The target period for this is the two years after the start of the lower price period (date yet to be decided).  “It is my hope that we can not only increase traffic, but work towards a more permanent reduction in tolls,” said Governor of Tokushima Prefecture Iizumi Kamon during a scheduled conference on February 2.


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