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Tokushima Airport Extension Begins

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From the Tokushima Newspaper:

Nearly two kilometres away from the current terminal building of the Tokushima Airport in Matsushige is the site of planned construction for a new terminal building set to open in spring of the year 2010. It was here that on the morning of January 21, a ceremony was held to commemorate the start of construction.

Over 100 guests were present, including Vice Governor of Tokushima Prefecture Mr. Kimura, a representative of the Osaka Regional Civil Aviation Bureau, JAL, and other members of the company in charge of the construction project. After the symbolic breaking of the ground and a shinto blessing of the construction site, Vice Governor Kimura said, “Proper construction of the aiport is one of the main projects in the prefecture and we will support it to our fullest extent. This airport, the ‘Awa Odori Airport’ will serve as a means to promote Tokushima across the country.”

The new terminal, a three storey building of steel-framed reinforced concrete construction set to cover 8528m², will stand on the north side of the planned runway extension.

The first floor will have the lobby and check-in counter, and on the third floor will be restaurants, a waiting area, lookout and more. The second floor will be designated as office space.

Total construction costs, including construction, labour and parts is estimated at 30 billion yen, and will be completed in line with the opening of the extension of the runway to 2,500m (an increase of 500m).


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