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School Merger Planned for Naruto and Mima

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From the December 17 Tokushima Newspaper:

During the Tokushima Prefectural Board of Education AGM held on the 16th, a plan was unveiled to reform and merge schools in the Naruto and Mima municipalities to create two new schools. According to the plan, Naruto Daiichi High School and Naruto Technical High Schools (both in the Naruto City area) would be reformed and merged by the year 2012, and Sadamitsu Technical High School in Tsurugi would be merged with Mima Commercial High School in Mima City by the year 2014.

The new school created proposed by the merger of Naruto Daiichi and Naruto Technichal is set to use the current grounds of Naruto Technical and will be run as a prefecturally funded and administered school.  Plans also show that it will be the first school in the prefecure to have a sports course (one class) and an intergrated science course (five classes) available for students.

The integrated science course will include subjects such as biology and humanities, social welfare focusing on regional welfare, integrated business studies subject to learn about commercial ventures, an information science subject for industrial studies, and course devoted to learning about local produce and tourist areas such as Otani Pottery and the whirlpools of Naruto, both found in the Naruto City district.

In preparation for the merge, admission for two of the three technical courses at Naruto Technichal will be terminated in 2010. The new school is set to start in 2012, but tests on the school grounds to check for its ability to withstand earthquakes means that buildings from both schools must be used until the testing is complete. A full merge is expected to be complete by the year 2015.

The new school formed by the merge of Mima Commercial and Sadamitsu Industrial will use the grounds of Sadamitsu Industrial, while the grounds of Mima Commercial will be used for club activities. An industrial course (approximately five classes) with separate courses in electronics, machinery and construction, as well as a commercial course (approximately two classes) with separate courses in commerce and regional business is being planned.

The new school is set to be a focus for promoting both industrial and commercial education. The new regional business course is also aimed at growing the new generation of professionals with knowledge of local business through real life work in creating tourist projects and development of local products.

This plan is currently open to public comment from prefectural citizens.


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