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Gouter (グテ)

Tokushima-shi Sumiyoshi 5-3-55 Inouchi Manshion A-101


Open Hours
* No set holidays

Soft and fluffy shaved ice, available the whole year round.

The owner of the store here opened it with the aim to popularise Taiwan-style shaved ice (chami snow ice) in Tokushima. Different from the usual kind of shaved ice found in Japan, a variety of toppings such as mango and chocolate, caramel, green tea and other flavours is poured onto very thinly ground white ice. The result is a very smooth, natural taste that is easy to eat. Other items on the menu include cupcakes and pudding made using an ingredient known as sakura eggs, and all orders can be eaten at the store or taken away.

  • Shaved ice, 350yen and up

Store Interior
The name for the store comes from the French word for sweets, and was selected by the owner to present a fun, open atmosphere for customers. The store itself is not so large, but there are three parking spaces next to it for customers to use. In Japan, shaved ice is usually available during the summer time, but this store is open all year round.



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