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Sushiro (スシロー)

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Tokushima-shi, Yamato-cho 2-3-22


Open Hours
11:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30)
* No fixed holidays

Cheap, tasty and fresh sushi!

There are lots of different kinds of conveyor belt sushi restaurants about, but Sushiro is not only very cheap, the sushi is very tasty and always fresh. Each of the plates in the restaurant has a small chip buried inside that tells the staff how fresh the sushi it carries is, and only sushi over a certain level of freshness is allowed to keep going around on the belt. This goes a long way to preventing one of the common problems with such sushi restaurants to date whereby the food continues to pass through the store and loses its freshness if it isn’t taken right away. Plus, all the dishes are just 105 yen each! As for the menu, all the common sushi dishes are there, such as tuna (maguro), yellow tail (ハマチ), egg (たまご), squid (いか), salmon (サーモン), and also roast pork (焼豚) with spring onions, shrimp (えび) and avacado, fresh ham (生ハム) along with many other, easy to eat options. Not only that, but udon and miso soup is also available, along with seasonal menus and special limited menu options as well. The store is very popular, and tends to be crowded on the weekends as a result.

Store Interior
There are both counter seats and tables available, making it easy to go by yourself or with friends. However, the store tends to be quite crowded so you may have to take a ticket from the machine at the entrance to wait until you can be seated. Sushi takeouts are also possible.



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  1. Yes, I really want to go again. True, it is cheap but it is also very good. I have another cheap sushi place near my house, but before I eat it, I grab my bike and cycle 15 minutes to Sushiro.

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