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Masala (マサラ)

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Tokushima-shi, Minami Showa-cho 1-11-1 Sato Bldg. 1F


A wide variety of popular Indian food with a down to earth taste!

Masala is a chain store for Indian food that has several branches throughout Tokushima. It offers a wide range of different recipes, ranging from tandoori chicken and curry lunch sets to a variety of authentic naan bread recipes, noodles and much more. The taste is down to earth and very easy on the taste buds, but also harbours the potential to test the limits of your resistance to spicy food if you are looking for a bit of adventure as well.

In particular, the lunch sets are very popular. Offered on weekdays from 11:00am to 2:00pm, you can choose from four different sets, each escalating 100 yen in price each time and adding an extra option to the menu as they go. For the basic set you get a small side of salad, the curry of the day and a large piece of naan for 650 yen and hot or iced coffee / chai on the side for free! For an extra hundred yen you can get some tandoori chicken, and another 100 yen will get a side of rice to boot.

Another of the big attractions to Masala is the ability to choose how hot your curry will be served! When you order curry, you are given the choice to choose from a scale of one to fifty, with five being labelled as ‘hot’ and an ominous red burst of text around anything from 10 and up. Be careful, though, as orders over 10 on the scale cost an extra 100 yen, so you may want to give it some thought before trying.

Store Interior
While each of the stores in this chain has a slightly different style to its interior decorations, the overall feel is the same. The lights are kept slightly dim, and Indian artwork and Indian-styled furnishings can be found all about the store. The seats and tables are also quite spacious, too, and the calm interior provides a relaxing atmosphere for lunch or a chat over a cup of hot chai.



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