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American Artist Creates Modern Style Painted Screen

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Yesterday’s Tokushima Newspaper ran an article about artist Andrea Dezsö’s work during the Kamiyama Artist in Residence Program this year:

Andrea Dezsö, a participant in this year’s Kamiyama Artist in Residence Program, has created a set of moving painted screens that are to be kept and used at the stage for the community run Ono Sakura Noson Butai Preservation Committee in Kamiyama.

Numbering 10 in total, the screens form a set three meters in length and 60cm in height. All together they are decorated with five faces in a style that takes heavy inspiration from a western-style circus, each of them drawn colourfully with different expressions. When the boards are turned around on stage, their expressions change.

Dezsö first became interested in painted screens as a form of art after seeing a puppet theatre play in New York last year. After learning that there was a painted screen preservation committee in Kamiyama when she came as part of the Artist in Residence Programme, she expressed an interest in the project.

“Painted screens are not only used as a backdrop to provide contrast to the plays, but their movement gives them an extra level of attraction. It isn’t common to see these screens being painted any more, so I thought I would give everyone a surprise by creating a modern-style set,” commented Dezsö.

President of the Preservation Committee Mr. Issei Ogawa (66) was also heard saying, “Using these screens in combination with the older ones will surely make for a more interesting display, and I’m sure they will be very popular with children as well.”


Reason of the Season #2

Bancha tea in a Otani style ceramic tea cup.

Bancha tea in a Otani style ceramic tea cup.

How have you been doing?

It’s a bit warm for this time of the year, but even so the mercury continues on a steady drop. Have you all managed to keep from catching cold this autumn?

Actually, the common cold is actually said to be the root of many other illnesses. So if you do happen to catch cold, it’s important that you kick it off as soon as possible. If you do catch cold, make sure to keep your body warm, maintain a steady intake of vitamins, eat easily digestible food and get plenty of sleep.

It’s also important that you get plenty of liquids. However, there are many options as to what you can take. Some popular suggestions are drinks such as Pocari Sweat (ポカリスエット) made by Tokushima’s very own Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, a nationally renowned corporation, and Aquarius (アクアエリアス). Both of these drinks make it easy for the body to increase intake of fluid without putting much pressure on the body. They tend to contain a lot of sugar, though, so in times where you need to drink a lot, you might find you get are getting too much sugar. In these cases you should try to drink the ‘calorie off’ (カロリーオフ) variants, or dilute them with a little water before drinking.

And now for some simple recipes you can use when you are feeling down to look after yourself and take care of your body.

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Gouter (グテ)

Tokushima-shi Sumiyoshi 5-3-55 Inouchi Manshion A-101


Open Hours
* No set holidays

Soft and fluffy shaved ice, available the whole year round.

The owner of the store here opened it with the aim to popularise Taiwan-style shaved ice (chami snow ice) in Tokushima. Different from the usual kind of shaved ice found in Japan, a variety of toppings such as mango and chocolate, caramel, green tea and other flavours is poured onto very thinly ground white ice. The result is a very smooth, natural taste that is easy to eat. Other items on the menu include cupcakes and pudding made using an ingredient known as sakura eggs, and all orders can be eaten at the store or taken away.

Sushiro (スシロー)

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Tokushima-shi, Yamato-cho 2-3-22


Open Hours
11:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30)
* No fixed holidays

Cheap, tasty and fresh sushi!

There are lots of different kinds of conveyor belt sushi restaurants about, but Sushiro is not only very cheap, the sushi is very tasty and always fresh. Each of the plates in the restaurant has a small chip buried inside that tells the staff how fresh the sushi it carries is, and only sushi over a certain level of freshness is allowed to keep going around on the belt. This goes a long way to preventing one of the common problems with such sushi restaurants to date whereby the food continues to pass through the store and loses its freshness if it isn’t taken right away. Plus, all the dishes are just 105 yen each! As for the menu, all the common sushi dishes are there, such as tuna (maguro), yellow tail (ハマチ), egg (たまご), squid (いか), salmon (サーモン), and also roast pork (焼豚) with spring onions, shrimp (えび) and avacado, fresh ham (生ハム) along with many other, easy to eat options. Not only that, but udon and miso soup is also available, along with seasonal menus and special limited menu options as well. The store is very popular, and tends to be crowded on the weekends as a result.

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Water Bus Trial in Tokushima City

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On November 10, the Tokushima Newspaper reported on use of the boats for the Hyotan-jima River Boat Cruise as water buses within the city bounds:

November 10 saw the start of a social experiment in Tokushima City aimed at promoting a shift from use of personal transportation methods to public transport for the daily commute. Planned by the Tokushima Environment Citizens’ Council, comprised of men and women from both industrial and academic backgrounds, the plan was designed to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced in the city.

In order to further promote the use of public transport, the Citizen’s Council decided to place three community cycle stations in the city offering bicycles free for rent, and through cooperation with the Shinmachi River Preservation Committee, use the boats for the Hyotan-jima River Boat Cruise as free water buses for the duration of the experiment.

The water buses have four stops, found on the north side of Ryogoku Bridge and the riverfront by the Prefectural Government Office, and operate in a clockwise and anti-clockwise ring around Hyotan-jima during rush hour, with three runs in either direction. A total of 10 passengers were recorded for the first session on the morning of the first day.

Amongst these passengers were employees of the Awa Bank and Prefectural Government who had chosen to use the public transportation instead of their private vehicles.

Assistant Department Head for the Environment and Citizens’ Affairs Department Ryuichi Omura had the following comment of his commute from Yoshinogawa City via train. “When I go by train I can take some time to rest, and it’s good to feel in tune with the conversations and fashion of those around you. It also felt very good to walk by the riverside and watch the scenery roll by. This is something you miss out when driving your car.”

The Coming of Winter

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From the Tokushima Newspaper earlier today:

November 7 marks the beginning of winter as recorded in the traditional 24 seasonal datum points in the year. A cold shift is expected over the coming weeks, although rain in Tokushima since yesterday has led to warmer temperatures than generally expected for this time of year. Instead, current temperatures have been closer to weather expected in late September and early October.

Meanwhile, in Tokushima Central Park, gold and red leaves are beginning to gather on the ground, and Winter is on the way.

Masala (マサラ)

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Tokushima-shi, Minami Showa-cho 1-11-1 Sato Bldg. 1F


A wide variety of popular Indian food with a down to earth taste!

Masala is a chain store for Indian food that has several branches throughout Tokushima. It offers a wide range of different recipes, ranging from tandoori chicken and curry lunch sets to a variety of authentic naan bread recipes, noodles and much more. The taste is down to earth and very easy on the taste buds, but also harbours the potential to test the limits of your resistance to spicy food if you are looking for a bit of adventure as well.

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