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Mother’s TEA & COFFEE (マザーズ)

Mother's Cafe in Naruto

Mother's Cafe in Naruto

Naruto-shi Muya-cho Ookuwajima Ebisuyama 36


Open Hours
7:30 – 19:00
* Bakery open from 7:30, cafe from 8:00)
* No set holidays

Have a relaxing time in this log house setting.

The store is built like a log house. On your way inside, there is a circular counter in the middle of the shop. Inside stands the owner of the store, always at the ready to make coffee and tea. Around the counter lies a row of seats and a table area, and there are other tables available, making it the perfect place to come alone or in groups. The store also offers handmade bread and naturally grown and hand selected coffee beans, and their menu includes morning sets, toast, sandwiches, desert and many other options as well. For those interested, coffee beans are sold as well, and you can also purchase bakery goods, syrup, mugs and other related items.

  • Morning set (8:00-11:30) 787 yen (eggs, bread, salad, coffee / tea / milk)
  • Mother’s Dog 682 yen (hotdog and salad – also avaliable for takeaway)
  • Vegetable curry 945 yen (w/ salad – a healthy curry with a selection of vegetables and large volume)
  • Regular coffee 525 yen
  • Cake of the day 525 yen

Store Interior
The carefully selected ingredients used in all the food and drink prepared at the store gives the items on the menu a natural, good flavour. The store also offers options for vegetarians and those with other food restrictions such as sugar and caffeine, etc. These options include a country sandwich (840 yen – no dairy products or sugar), brown rice coffee (525 yen – no caffeine, using brown rice as a base for a coffee-like drink), etc. The owner of the store also has experience in backpacking, having made a trip all the way around Australia. While he tends to be fairly quiet at first glance, he is also happy to help those not so confident with their Japanese to make their orders using gestures and simple English.



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  1. Pato told me about this. They have the best bread, he said. Want to try this.

  2. I tried some of their bread and have to agree. It was very good! The coffee is good, too. Have a go next time you are in Naruto.

  3. There is a sister bakery in Tokushima City now, on the Tamiya Kaido across from Asobi-ba (the net cafe/arcade/Tsutaya/Tully’s complex). You can get their croissants, baguettes, danishes, etc. all freshly baked. They are taking orders for Christmas Stollen now.

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