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Naruto Grand Hotel (鳴門グランドホテル)

Naruto-shi, Naruto-cho, Tosa Domari Ura Aza Oke 82-88


Outdoor bathing with a view out over the Onaruto Bridge!

The premises of the Naruto Grand Hotel are home to an onsen that anyone can use, regardless of whether they are staying at the hotel or not.  There are two spots – the great bathing area on the 8F, known as Ukibashi no Yu (浮橋の湯), and the roof-top outdoor bath called the Tenku no Yu (天空の湯). Both command a spectacular view of the Onaruto Bridge and nearby coastline, and the baths themselves offer bubble baths, hot water funnels, a sauna and many more different variations. The outdoors bath is a great place to just relax and while away the time in calm and quiet, not only having a great view in the daytime and sunset, but commanding a beautiful viewing spot for stars at night as well. The water is very smooth on the skin, and is a great way to warm up!

Adults 1050 yen.

Open Hours
11:00 – 22:00.
* Last Entry at 21:00.
* Get tickets at the lobby on 1F.

Also, keep in mind that because there is no place to store valuables in the bathing area proper, you are able to have them kept for you at the front desk. When you hand in items to be held, you will be given a small card with a number on it to get them back when you leave.

Onsen Interior
The scenery really is a highlight of this onsen. The cost is a little expensive, but includes two towels (a bath and face towel), and soaps, makeup removal liquid, face wash, body shampoo, shampoo and rise, and other items for ladies is all included in this price. All together, it makes for a very handy place to go.



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