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Sunriver Oboke (サンリバー大歩危)

The hotel and onsen by the Oboke Gorge.

The hotel and onsen by the Oboke Gorge.

Miyoshi-shi, Yamashiro-cho, Nishi Aza


A surprisingly comfortable onsen on the bounds of Route 32 by the Oboke and Koboke Gorges.

At first glance the building looks quite old, but on the inside it is surprisingly clean and well-maintained. In particular, the onsen is a great place to go. While it may be lacking in size, it has a jaccuzi bath indoors and a small outdoors bath area where you can see out over the Oboke Gorge below. Clean air from the gorge flows through the bathing area, making for a relaxing atmosphere with a view to beautiful mountainous surroundings. The water in the baths is also very good and gives you a fresh, clean feeling just by taking a tip. Furthermore, the location of the bath along the main road through the area makes it a great place to go to take a dip while on a long drive. For those interested in spending the night at the hotel, there are both Japanese tatami rooms and western style rooms, as well as rooms with outdoor baths attached. the cost for each is different, however, so check their homepage or call in advance for exact figures. Food prepared for the meals includes vegetables taken from the nearby mountains, wild boar meat and pheasant hot pots, freshwater fish and other local foods.

Open Hours
11:00 – 22:00
* Last entry at 21:30

Adults 500yen
Children 250 yen

Prices range from 9052 yen – 16800 yen for one adult, including two meals.

Store Interior
The staff of the hotel are very pleasant, and on the whole very comfortable to interact with. Upon entering you are greeted warmly, and there are signs in English that show the way to the onsen as well, making it easy to navigate.



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