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Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis

The outdoor stage area of the Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis SA.

Approximately 50 minutes by car from the Tokushima IC on the Tokushima Motorway.


A handy service area (SA) on the Tokushima Motorway.

To those who have used the highway in Tokushima before, the Yoshinogawa Oasis may already be a familiar spot. But while the SA is packed with the usual facilities such as a rest space, petrol stands, toilets, food and gift section, it has a lot more to offer that isn’t widely known.

Just off to the east of the main SA area is a small bridge, and following it across you can find some log house cabins and a free camp site, offering two different forms of loding for those wanting to stay the night. The area is also home to a rock and flower garden that looks beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms come into flower.

The spot most easily overlooked is to the west. Passing by the Minoda no Yu bathing area, go all the way down to the river banks. Here you pass by the Furusato Zone, a childs playground. There is a small stream and runs for rabbits, and a big open space where you can take your lunch and get a bit of fresh air or have a picnic.

Going even further west, and a little ways from the main SA area once more is a large field that comes alive in spring with rape blossoms (nanohana) and the cosmos flowers in autumn. A small wooden boardwalk has been constructed through the fields as well, so you can take a stroll through the area and get a better look at the flowers there.

Going back to the Furusato Zone, you can also find a ticket machine for a boat ride to the south. First, get your tickets here and go down the cliff nearby via the stairs provided. On the way is a small box where you can buy food for the ducks living in the river nearby (50 yen a bag), so if you get some food here you can enjoy a bit of time feeding the ducks as well. The boat ride just nearby takes passengers around the river area nearby.

A view out over the bow of the boat during a relaxing cruise across the river.

The captain takes the ride slowly and talks about some of the legends in the area as you go about. The area is packed full of large rocks and stones, each with its own story and past, and the ride makes for some enjoyable cruising. In the springtime the nearby cherry blossoms come to bloom as well, and the area is quite noted for their beauty.

Try it out if you have some time on a long drive or if you’re just passing through!

Boat Ride
Open from March through to the end of October
Cost: The 30 minute ride costs 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children.

The boat ride is sometimes cancelled during rainy weather or flooding, so you should call ahead if you want to make sure it is operating. (0883-76-5700)



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