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Keika Ramen (桂花らーめん)

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A view of Keika Ramen from outside the store. (Photo by Miree)

Author: Miree

Kachidoki Bridge 1-35, Tokushima City, on Route 55!


11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 23:00
* Closed on Tuesdays

Tasty Tonkotsu Ramen and more!

The basic bowl of Keika ramen comes with one piece of pork, half a half-boiled egg, and the usual spring onions and other ingredients you would expect from a common tasty ramen. And that’s what you get: not less and not more, but for a very reasonable price of 550 yen. You can have also umeboshi for free! The gyoza are pretty standard and good.

  • Keika Ramen 550 yen
  • Chaashuu-men (with lots of pork) 730 yen
  • Hassai-men (with lots of vegetables) 700 yen
  • Wantan-men 700 yen
  • Tantan-men 730 yen
  • Special Chaashuu-men 950 yen

(all kinds are available with hot sauce in it for an extra of 50 yen and is called Piri Kara).

  • Kaedama (替え玉) 100 yen (a second serving of noodles – fresh noodles are added directly into the soup, much like a refill. Best ordered after eating the already available noodles).
  • Gyoza (餃子) 280 yen
  • Two colored Onigiri 180 yen

Also, Maboo Rice, Chaashuu Rice and Piri Kara Chaashuu Rice.

Store Interior
The store itself is a little bit spacious, and there are table seats (for up to 30 people) and counter seats (for 11 people). A parking lot is also available for three cars. This store is a little crowded at lunch time when the store fills up with businessmen and other people coming in for lunch, but there will always be at least one seat for you free for you. The store keepers are very friendly and call “Irasshaimase” “Arigatou” and so on.

You pay after you have eaten. Don’t forget to receive a members card for getting a half-price discount for gyoza, Mabo Rice, beer, orange juice or cola for every bowl of ramen ordered. So, even with only one card you can go with friends and get a discount for every bowl of ramen you order. Also, deep fried and grated garlic is for free!



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  1. I heard (from you) that they closed. This is a very sad thing. I liked it.

  2. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but I look forward to hearing from you about the new place across the road. 😉

  3. I understand. 今度取材に行ってくる。

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