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Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Lodging

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Many temples in Japan offer lodging for worshippers right there on the temple grounds. This kind of lodging is known as shukubou in Japanese, and can be enjoyed at several of the temples on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage. The list below shows the number and name for each temple on the pilgrimage that currently offers shukubou, as well as the phone number and quoted price for one night’s stay.

In general, pricing ranges from around 5,000 to 7,000 yen, meals included. Be careful, however, as many temples do not accept credit cards for payment. Find out beforehand if you don’t plan on carrying much cash! Also be careful to make reservations before you go, as many of the temples will want to know whether you are coming in advance. Especially if you are with a group. But don’t worry – travel companies can help with bookings.

NB: The information listed here is current to October 2008.

Temple #2 Gokurakuji (極楽寺) 088-689-1112, 6,000 yen
Temple #6 Anrakuji (安楽寺) 088-694-2046, 6,500 yen
Temple #7 Jūrakuji (十楽寺) 088-695-2150, 8,500 yen
Temple #12 Shōsanji (焼山寺) 088-677-0112, 6,000¹ yen
Temple #13 Dainichiji (大日寺) 088-644-0069, 6,000 yen
Temple #19 Tatsueji (立江寺) 08853-7-1019, 6,000 yen
Temple #23 Yakuōji (薬王寺) 0884-77-1105, 6,300 yen,  7,300 yen

¹ – Only available from March to May, and from September to November

Temple #24 Hatsumisakiji (最御崎寺) 0887-23-0024, 5885 yen
Temple #26 Kongōchōji (金剛頂寺) 0887-23-0026, 5,800 yen
Temple #37 Iwamotoji (岩本寺) 0880-22-0376, 6,500 yen

Temple #39 Enkōji (延光寺) 0880-66-0225, 5,800 yen, Groups Only (20+)

Temple #58 Senyūji (仙遊寺) 0898-55-2141, 5,800 yen
Temple #61 Kōonji (香園寺) 0898-72-3861, 6,800 yen

Temples #75 Zentsūji (善通寺) 0877-62-0111, 5,800   yen
Temple #81 Shiramineji (白峰寺) 0877-47-0305, 5,800  yen, Groups Only (15+)


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