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Toyotomi Coffee (とよとみ珈琲)

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Tokushima-shi, Suehiro-cho 2-1-42


8:00- 20:00
* Sundays and public holidays 8:00 – 19:00
* Closed on Wednesdays

Toyotomi Coffee (in Japanese)

Freshly roasted coffee and fresh food in a relaxed atmosphere!

If you’re looking for a place to sit down and relax over a cup of coffee, or just want to talk with your friends while you have a bite to eat, Toyotomi Coffee is the place for you. It has a wide selection of coffee and light food available to cater for different tastes, and all coffee served in the store is freshly roasted in the morning before the day begins.

But not only can you order coffee at the store, you can also buy coffee beans and other assorted coffee gear such as mills and presses as well. There is even a practice coffee roaster on sale (and display, on the first floor) for those thinking of heading into the cafe business themselves. 

  • Blend Coffee 500 yen
  • Smoothies 600 yen
  • Cakes 450 yen
  • Hot sandwiches 500 yen

Store Interior
The store occupies an old, two storey wooden building not far from Route 29 that runs over the Suehiro Bridge in Tokushima City. The first floor is home to the store proper, while the second floor has been turned into a small art gallery with frequent exhibitions of local talent.

Overall, the atmosphere of the store is very open, and the store owner Mr. Toyotomi’s interest in surfing and related fashion can be seen all about in a wide array of surfing goods, hawaiian shirts and other assorted magazines and books decorating the store. The instant you walk through the door you feel almost at home, and it is this openness, combined with the fresh coffee and good food, that is part of the store’s popularity.

For those interested, the art gallery on the second floor is open for rent, at 500 yen per day for exhibition only, and 1,000 yen per day for exhibitions including sale of works.


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  1. Highly recommended.

    This place has one of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever tasted. Creamy, bold foam with no bitter aftertaste. He even does latte foam art.

    Also try the Orange latte. It’s a cafe latte with fresh-squeezed orange juice at the bottom. Sounds like a mismatch, but give it a try.

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