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Men-ou Ramen (麺王)

The entrance to the store and ticket machine.

The entrance to the store and ticket machine.

Tokushima-shi, Terashima Honcho-higashi 3-4 Asahi Bldg. 1F


11:00 – 23:30
* No fixed holidays

For a bite of the very popular Tokushima Ramen.

Tokushima Ramen is known for the use of meat cooked in a pork and soy sauce soup and adding a raw egg to the final bowl of ramen. But while the ramen at Men-ou makes full use of these, you also have the choice of adding a variety of extra toppings to your selection. Some of these toppings are even free, such as pepper, garlic, pickled takana, seasame seeds, and kimchi bean sprouts.

  • Ramen 480 yen

Yawamen (やわめん) Relatively soft noodles.
Futsumen (ふつうめん) ‘Standard’ noodles.
Katamen (かためん) Relatively hard noodles.
Barikatamen (バリかためん) Very hard noodles.

When ordering, you can choose from one of the above.

  • Kaedama (替え玉) 100 yen (a second serving of noodles – fresh noodles are added directly into the soup, mich like a refill. Best ordered after eating the already available noodles).
  • Extra topping: Meat (肉), spring onions (ネギ), seaweed flakes (のり), a half-boiled egg (半熟味玉) 100 yen, raw egg (生卵) 20 yen.
  • Gyoza (餃子)  280 yen
  • Rice (Free refills) 150 yen
  • A bottle of beer 500 yen

Actually, the option to choose the hardness of the noodles is taking in a part of culture from kyushu and the style of hakata ramen found there.

Store Interior
The store itself isn’t very spacious, and the seats are either small table seats or at one of two counters. This leads to it being a little crowded at lunch time when the store fills up with businessmen and other people coming in for lunch, but don’t let this put you off. The store is very popular due to the relatively short amount of time it takes for the ramen to arrive after you order, and the wide selection of extra toppings is a big plus as well.

First, you buy tickets for your order outside at a vending machine in front of the store. Take the tickets inside, hand them over to the staff and take a seat. If you want to get a refill for the noodles (kaedama) then only hand the ticket for that over to the staff after you have finished the noddles you are already eating.



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