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The Agnes Cafe(ザ アグネス カフェ)

Tokushima-shi Terashima Honcho-nishi 1-28 Agnes Hotel Tokushima 1F


7:00 – 22:00
* Food is only available until 21:00
* Lunchtime 11:30 – 14:00

Looking for a filling lunch?

The Agnes Cafe is a cafe on the ground floor of the Agnes Hotel in Tokushima City. It has a big lunch menu with five different sets.

Each of the five sets changes each day, and uses various seasonal and locally grown ingredients. But the real attraction to having lunch at the Agnes Cafe is that it won’t leave you wanting at the end.

Store Interior
The cafe is a very popular spot and is quite busy around lunchtime.

Also, the menus at the cafe have English on them as well, so even if you can read Japanese you won’t have any trouble ordering. In particular, the sandwich and hamburger lunch sets and the side of fries that comes with both is a good selection. 

  • Past of the day (w/ salad and bread)
  • Sandwich set of the day (w/ soup)
  • Curry of the day (w/ salad)
  • Soup set of the day (w/ salad and bread)
  • Salad set of the day (w/ soup and bread)

The sets are all the same price, at 1050 yen.

Bread is all you can eat for those sets that come with it, and each lunch set comes with either tea or coffee after the meal.



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