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Mother’s TEA & COFFEE (マザーズ)

Mother's Cafe in Naruto

Mother's Cafe in Naruto

Naruto-shi Muya-cho Ookuwajima Ebisuyama 36


Open Hours
7:30 – 19:00
* Bakery open from 7:30, cafe from 8:00)
* No set holidays

Have a relaxing time in this log house setting.

The store is built like a log house. On your way inside, there is a circular counter in the middle of the shop. Inside stands the owner of the store, always at the ready to make coffee and tea. Around the counter lies a row of seats and a table area, and there are other tables available, making it the perfect place to come alone or in groups. The store also offers handmade bread and naturally grown and hand selected coffee beans, and their menu includes morning sets, toast, sandwiches, desert and many other options as well. For those interested, coffee beans are sold as well, and you can also purchase bakery goods, syrup, mugs and other related items. Read the rest of this entry


Naruto Grand Hotel (鳴門グランドホテル)

Naruto-shi, Naruto-cho, Tosa Domari Ura Aza Oke 82-88


Outdoor bathing with a view out over the Onaruto Bridge!

The premises of the Naruto Grand Hotel are home to an onsen that anyone can use, regardless of whether they are staying at the hotel or not.  There are two spots – the great bathing area on the 8F, known as Ukibashi no Yu (浮橋の湯), and the roof-top outdoor bath called the Tenku no Yu (天空の湯). Both command a spectacular view of the Onaruto Bridge and nearby coastline, and the baths themselves offer bubble baths, hot water funnels, a sauna and many more different variations. The outdoors bath is a great place to just relax and while away the time in calm and quiet, not only having a great view in the daytime and sunset, but commanding a beautiful viewing spot for stars at night as well. The water is very smooth on the skin, and is a great way to warm up!

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Awa Uzushio Beer (阿波うず潮ビール)

The two different types of Awa Uzushio Beer.

The two different types of Awa Uzushio Beer.

Tokushima’s very own locally brewed beer.

The Awa Uzushio Beer is a combination of the clear water of the Yoshino River, arduously selected malt, aromatic hops and yeast, all brewed together with great care, right here in Tokushima. The ‘Alt’ variety in the red can has a rich, smooth, and very deep taste, while the ‘koelsch’ sold in the blue cans has a straight up, clear taste with a more bitter flavour. Both have a distinctive taste of their own, and are a pleasure to drink.

Cost: Approximately 350 yen for a 350ml can.

This beer can be bought from most gift shops in Tokushima, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores.

Sunriver Oboke (サンリバー大歩危)

The hotel and onsen by the Oboke Gorge.

The hotel and onsen by the Oboke Gorge.

Miyoshi-shi, Yamashiro-cho, Nishi Aza


A surprisingly comfortable onsen on the bounds of Route 32 by the Oboke and Koboke Gorges.

At first glance the building looks quite old, but on the inside it is surprisingly clean and well-maintained. In particular, the onsen is a great place to go. While it may be lacking in size, it has a jaccuzi bath indoors and a small outdoors bath area where you can see out over the Oboke Gorge below. Clean air from the gorge flows through the bathing area, making for a relaxing atmosphere with a view to beautiful mountainous surroundings. The water in the baths is also very good and gives you a fresh, clean feeling just by taking a tip. Furthermore, the location of the bath along the main road through the area makes it a great place to go to take a dip while on a long drive. For those interested in spending the night at the hotel, there are both Japanese tatami rooms and western style rooms, as well as rooms with outdoor baths attached. the cost for each is different, however, so check their homepage or call in advance for exact figures. Food prepared for the meals includes vegetables taken from the nearby mountains, wild boar meat and pheasant hot pots, freshwater fish and other local foods.

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Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis

The outdoor stage area of the Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis SA.

Approximately 50 minutes by car from the Tokushima IC on the Tokushima Motorway.


A handy service area (SA) on the Tokushima Motorway.

To those who have used the highway in Tokushima before, the Yoshinogawa Oasis may already be a familiar spot. But while the SA is packed with the usual facilities such as a rest space, petrol stands, toilets, food and gift section, it has a lot more to offer that isn’t widely known.

Just off to the east of the main SA area is a small bridge, and following it across you can find some log house cabins and a free camp site, offering two different forms of loding for those wanting to stay the night. The area is also home to a rock and flower garden that looks beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms come into flower.

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Keika Ramen (桂花らーめん)

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A view of Keika Ramen from outside the store. (Photo by Miree)

Author: Miree

Kachidoki Bridge 1-35, Tokushima City, on Route 55!


11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 23:00
* Closed on Tuesdays

Tasty Tonkotsu Ramen and more!

The basic bowl of Keika ramen comes with one piece of pork, half a half-boiled egg, and the usual spring onions and other ingredients you would expect from a common tasty ramen. And that’s what you get: not less and not more, but for a very reasonable price of 550 yen. You can have also umeboshi for free! The gyoza are pretty standard and good.

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Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage Lodging

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Many temples in Japan offer lodging for worshippers right there on the temple grounds. This kind of lodging is known as shukubou in Japanese, and can be enjoyed at several of the temples on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage. The list below shows the number and name for each temple on the pilgrimage that currently offers shukubou, as well as the phone number and quoted price for one night’s stay.

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