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Yoshino River Mouth

The Yoshino River, also known as ‘Shikoku Saburo’, is one of the great symbols of Tokushima, the largest river in the prefecture and on all of Shikoku as well. Flowing down from the mountains in Kochi over 194km inland, the river crosses  some very dynamic territory and is simply packed full of great places to explore and take a look about.

The one I would like to talk about this time around is the Yoshino River Mouth on the far eastern shores of Tokushima as the river flows out into the Kii Channel. The place itself is in some ways quite sedate, but it affords a grand view back towards Tokushima City, and has its own pleasures for those who know how to look.

Heading out of Tokushima City, cross over the Yoshino River and head to your right on the road running by the river, all the way until you hit the sea along the Komatsu Coast. Along the way you’ll pass by the new bridge that’s under construction (more on that in a later post) and most importantly, a long concrete wall that stretches all the way down to the river.

While it may not be pretty to look at, this concrete wall is a very popular spot for fishing and cuts the noise from the traffic passing by below it. When the tide is low, you can walk down a ways to the dragon’s teeth at the bottom (this is sound very dire, I know, but bear with me) and follow the path all the way back to the Yoshino River Bridge some distance off.

The best part about this area, though, is the track running next to it. Just over the wall is a separate, smaller road that runs parallel to the main road by the riverside. It’s a great track for walking along or riding your bike, and if you come there at just the right time of day you can see some beautiful sunsets to boot.

While it’s a nice spot when you get there, it’s the ‘getting there’ part that makes it all a little difficult. If you take the Tokushima City Bus heading for Tomiyoshi Danchi you can make your way close by, but you will have to do some leg work as well to get all the way to the end. This isn’t so much a problem if you’ve come by bicycle or don’t mind a long walk, but for those just wanting to take a look it can be a long walk.

Of course, you can also come by car. The track next to the main road isn’t supposed to be used by cars, and indeed, there are signs to this effect, but it doesn’t stop the many people who park along the river for fishing or to take in the sights. I can’t suggest you do this myself, but the Komatsu Coast area is right nearby, with parking spots of its own that offer another alternative.



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