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Disaster Centre Study Tour

Some familiar faces appeared in the morning edition of the Tokushima Newspaper this morning on page 27 with an article about a study tour to the Prefectural Disaster Centre yesterday on the 20th.

It reads:

Exchange Students & Foreign Residents Study at Disaster Centre

Foreign residents living in Tokushima Prefecture participated in a study tour of the Prefectural Disaster Centre in the town of Kitajima, held on September 20 held by the Tokushima Prefecture International Exchange Association (TOPIA).

Comprised of exchange students from China and the USA, as well as English teachers and more, the participants engaged in various activities such as experiencing a level seven earthquake, and winds up to 30m/s in a typhoon simulator.

Australia born Simone Ewenson (35), who works as an English teacher at Komatsushima Senior High School had the following comments. “We don’t have earthquakes in Australia, so it was a very surprising experience for me. I really want to make sure I’m prepared in case one ever occurs.”

This study tour has been held every year since 2006 in September to coincide with Disaster Preparedness Month.

There you have it.


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